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Car Monitor(Millennium FX) IS your comlete solution to provide you
with live monitoring and surveillance for your vehicle. No more
guessing what happens to your car while shopping, working, or
staying at home.
A small and innovative hand pager(that can be carried in the
supplied belt clip, or in your pocket or hanabag), will instantly
alert you should your parked vehicle be violated. The alert is
selectable, from emitted from the vehicle, a neal LCD display
on the pager accurantely monitors doors open/closed status, hood
and trunk open/closed status, and hand impacts to your wehicle.
It even advises whether the vechicle's engine has been started.
2- The high tech display is back lit, and also indicates other useful
information such as whather or not you are within the effective
range of the system, the current time, a reminder alarm, alert
mode selesction, low battery, and more.
3- Car Monitor(Millenium FX) usees FM and other new technologies
making it suitable for any make and model of 12-volt vehicle with
or without an existing car security system, and provides the
hgiest performance, most reliable quality and longest service
distance (this range depends upon local Radio Frequency laws).
Car Monitor(Millenium FX) is ideal for vehicles fitted whith factory
immobilisers, effectively increasing the level of security.