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If a door has been opened or closed with parking lights on, the remote control blinks parking lights on the LCD, and sounds a warning tone every minute to warn against the battery discharge of the vehicle. Press any key to stop the warning tone,
After the engine start, the driving icon is displayed, representing that the engine
is running, and the driving time is counted.
Parking icon is displayed when the engine is stopped, and restarts time count.
This driving and parking time counter is designed to help estimating parking fee.
When alarm sounds, press any key to stop the siren and restore to the previous status. If no key is pressed due to the absence of user, siren sounds for the configured period, and then the remote control generates warning sound every minute displaying the icon and the time for the alarm until key is pressed.
In the precaution mode after closing the door, engine start is blocked even if someone opens door and tries to start the engine with the ignition key (Optional).
The precaution mode is started in 20 seconds (default) after user's closing door. To change the waiting time (20 seconds), contact your installation dealer.
20 seconds of waiting time is configured to prevent possible alarms that can be caused by user's behavior such as opening the trunk or shocking on the vehicle.